What is the difference between Imedeen Time Perfection and Imedeen Prime Renewal?

That’s a question we’ve been getting a lot these days since Imedeen Prime Renewal is on back order and currently not available in North America. So what are the differences? All Imedeen products … [Read more...]

What does green mean?

By Maureen Dunn Green. What does the word mean to you? What does it mean to the cosmetic industry? Is there any subject in the beauty industry more confusing than natural skincare? Everybody … [Read more...]

Clinical before and after photos reveal Imedeen’s effectiveness

Imedeen is justifiably proud of the depth and breadth of research that has gone into the product. Imedeen is renowned for its serious scientific documentation, which has been published in medical … [Read more...]

10 foods you should eat everyday

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Rejuvenating dull sun damaged skin

BY AMY TAM It’s a done deal. You’ve spent the hours enjoying the euphoric feel of the sun beating down on your skin. You’ve roasted yourself to bronzed perfection. But as the tan fades you’re faced … [Read more...]

Imedeen Works!

Millions of users from around the world, and years of clinical research prove Imedeen’s effectiveness. As an Imedeen user for 14 years, I’m often asked if Imedeen really works and what I’ve noticed … [Read more...]

IMEDEEN still number 1

Iconic skincare supplement - IMEDEEN - cult classic has new supporters. How does a skincare supplement take on cult status – it does it by delivering on its promise. It works! “IMEDEEN has been a … [Read more...]

Two International Style Icons Together At Last

IMEDEEN featured with Mercedes-Benz   The Queen is not the only one celebrating a diamond jubilee this year,  July 2012 also marks the 60th year of Mercedes-Benz as the jewel in the … [Read more...]

A picture is worth one thousand words

Have you ever wondered what “sun damage” really means? After all, the sun is natural, it feels good and we need it to create vitamin D. With all the talk about sun damage, premature aging, sun screens … [Read more...]

Reduce your handicap without increasing wrinkles

Sun-damage from the hours on the course is inevitable… but do you have to live with the obvious results, sagging skin, lines, wrinkles, skin discolorations to name just a few. It’s a fact – at … [Read more...]